Look at the unusual art enhancing learning at Aveley Primary!

Art enhancing learning at Aveley Primary

On a recent visit to Aveley Primary School in Essex I was struck by the art work I saw and how it must add to the children’s learning if only in a subliminal way.

Vision Board


Art enhancing learning at Aveley Primary


The shape of the school logo has been used to  illustrate its values. The school is a large one with lots of corridors and the values are attached to the beams, so wherever you walk you are reminded of words like Courage, Compassion, Hope and Pride. 


The giant in the hall


Avelynne the giant


Avelynne is a giant created by Strange Cargo who worked with the school as part of their Giants Projects based on the Geants found in France and Belgium. The project was part of the school where the staff had the opportunity to explore their own creative abilities, and to work aspirationally to inform future projects for the school and wider community.


Then there is outside…


Aveley primary school


When I left Aveley Primary School after the first day, it was dark. I got such a wonderful surprise as I walked to the car park to see this beautiful sculpture in the school grounds. No doubt int eh spring and summer the water would cascade from it.


What a beautiful environment for children to learn in! Art surrounds them and I’m sure that although they take it in without thinking, it will stay with them long after they leave the school.


What art was part of your learning environment? 

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