Travel Theme: Couples

Ailsa over at ‘Where’s My Back Pack’ has a weekly travel theme. This week it is ‘Couples’ I decided to join but I couldn’t make my mind up which of the many photos I have a people in pairs! So rather than disappoint anyone, I have not gone down that route (well apart from one!! )

The first one is of me with one of my dearest friends – Trina. When I was a headteacher, she was my right-hand person & always happy to join me in silliness!

There is a theme of standing guard with the rest I think:-

The dogs were part of a sculpture exhibition at Kingston Lacey, a fabulous National Trust property in Dorset. I wouldn’t want to try to get past them! You have also got some storm troopers keeping guard whilst looking out over London!

The trees, which make me think of chess pieces, were part of an amazing Eyrignac Garden in the Dordoigne in France  which I have featured before. That sort of topiary always fascinates me.

The scarecrow couple was in Painswick Rococo Garden a super place to visit in snowdrop season.

Finally – those doors. They are the entrance to York Minster and although are shut here, will always provide a warm welcome.

Do pop over to ‘Where’s My Back-Pack’ to see some more interpretations of ‘Couples’

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