The Force!

The day was one of those dark, dank March days that follows a day of rain, storms & weather.

The path went along the side of the hill, twisting & turning with the bends that had been created over millions of years.

From a distance, it looked like steam rising towards the leaden sky.

As we neared, the sound built. It grew into a crescendo that had our ears ringing & our bodies tingling with expectation.

Round one more bend – and there she was!

We were drenched from the spray racing away from the torrent. Everywhere we looked, water was racing, trying to escape the inevitable end of plummeting into the raging river below.

My breath was literally taken away & the only response I had was to burst into tears! Never had I seen such force & power in such a magnificent arena. Here was nature at her most powerful. The message was clear –

‘You have no idea how small & insignificant you are. I am the Force’!

This photograph was taken at High Force Waterfall in County Durham in March 2009. It is my entry for The Gallery run by Tara at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme is ‘Nature’ & it is in collaboration with Green & Blacks chocolate. Perhaps a link between this post & G&B would be dark, foreboding but natural!

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