The fire alarm

Fire alarm

Whenever it goes off, the fire alarm is a horrible sound to have ringing in your ears. We are on a little trip in Kent, staying in a hotel and we were woken abruptly earlier this morning by a horrendous sound. It made me think what action we should take in these situations.

Believe it

A fire alarm is statutory in commercial establishments, schools, hospitals and other places where people are going to be. Many home owners also have them fitted as well. When they go off they should be believed. They are triggered by smoke mainly and that can kill as well as the flames that create it.

What do you grab?

When the alarm is ringing and you have to get out, what do you grab to take with you?

  • Clothes – get dressed as quickly as you can as you don’t know how long you are going to be outside
  • Precious items – you shouldn’t hang around but make sure you have car keys, money and anything else within grabbing distance. I know of families that have a box file with key documents in that they would grab at these times
  • Medicines – if you take medicine regularly you must make sure you have it with you as you don’t know how long you will be away from the house.


False alarms

Of course, most of the time they are a false alarm thankfully. The fire brigade will kick into action as soon as they can so its important to let them know as soon as you know it is a false alarm. When I was a head teacher we were told that if the brigade were on their way, we had to wait until they arrived and searched the building. The children thought it all great fun!

The truth

In our story, it was a false alarm despite the sound going on for long enough for us to get up and dressed. I was first ready so wandered out just to double check and met other zombie looking characters. The very cheerful receptionist apologised for the rude awakening and explained the reason it took so long to turn off was due to it being ’round the back’.

Returning to our room I saw this notice that might hold the answer

Fire alarm

Perhaps it was an early riser trying to make a quiet, clean getaway!

What is your fire alarm experience?

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