Tales from the Head's Office #3

Having retired as a primary head teacher & following the suggestion of my dear friend Paula I have decided to write an occasional series about the highs & lows of my headship career. It spanned 13 years & included 3 schools. I hope you enjoy my tales!



This picture is of me with my dearest friend Trina. It was taken in July 2008 just before I retired as a Head Teacher. We had worked very closely for 5 years & for parents, staff & children where there was one of us, the other wouldn’t be far away.
We are in my office & have got dressed to take part in the school’s ‘Favourite Book Characters’ day. I am the King of Hearts & Trina is the Queen. We were supposed to be characters from Alice in Wonderland but those of you who know the book will remember that there is no King in it, only the Queen. We took some ‘poetic licence’ because we wanted to be a pair & have a costume that was easy to make!

As a school we were always dressing up & being silly! I have another post in the pipeline about pyjamas! One of my passions is shoes – of the coloured kind. Please note my red-spotted ones here. The nursery children loved to touch my feet when they came to assembly so I liked to make an effort on Fridays!
Now, I hope you are all in a suitable bowing position! All together -‘Your Majesties!’

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