He just went to sleep and didn’t wake up

sudden death

sudden death



Tragedy is all around us.

Sometimes I think we don’t notice it but it is there. 

It could be thousands of miles away with bombs, death and carnage. The graphic photos that come into our homes move us but they can feel so separate from our lives that we can easily dismiss them to carry on with what we were doing.

Social media can bring things into our lives in a way that television can’t. I don’t know why but somehow, photos on my timeline on Facebook seem more awful that when they are on the box in the corner of the room.


Tragedy is not always in major events. It is those happenings that can stop us in our tracks. Make us realise that there but the grace of god…. Such a happening affected me last week and continued to affect me over the weekend. 


I met this woman on Twitter first. We have a shared passion in education. Her career is in sales of  resources like software and teaching programmes, sometimes being away from home. I, as you know, deal in young people’s writing. We met up at a number of conferences and over the years have occasionally had supper together. We are also friends on Facebook so you can imagine my utter disbelief when she posted about the sudden death of her husband. 


The circumstances were really distressing and the fact that he has left not only a loving wife but two young children is especially heartbreaking. But, social media has proved to be a blessing. A group of her friends have got together and are determined to provide some financial help. 


One of the aspects of this so sad tale is what she said had happened and we will use it for the prompt for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups this week. It is:

…he just went to sleep and didn’t wake up…


The linky will close on Monday 24th October.


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