Many writers of the blogs I follow are parents. Lots of their posts concern their children – the comings & goings of life with little people & how that can bring laughter & tears.
Well, I haven’t got a ‘little one’ – my DS is now 33 & lives away from home but still gives me plenty to think about! He became a Special constable (SC) just over a year ago. He had always wanted to be a PC apparently. Strange that I didn’t know that! Maybe he knew that I would try to talk him out of it as I would really worry. To be selected to become a Special involved him training really hard on his fitness as well as swotting up on various manuals covering all aspects of life & the law. That took about 6 months & I must say I was very impressed with his dedication as he is a deputy head in a primary school so does not have lots of spare time.

Proud moment number 1 came when we went to his Attestation. I thought it sounded rather medical(!) but he assured me that it was safe & quite ‘a do’ so I needed to be smart as various top officers would be there! We are a small family but went enmasse. It was noted that DS’s supporters needed a table of their own & grandma & granddad were clearly the eldest there, both being in mid 80’s & not too mobile! They are both very independent folk & would not have any help – everyone would just have to wait while they walked in ‘slowly’!

Well DS was not wrong! It was a ‘do’. All of us in a lecture theatre with high ranking officers positively shining with their buttons & medals. Each SC had to swear an oath (attest) in front of a magistrate then both signed the declaration. It was at this point that I suddenly realised that this was for real. It was ‘proper’ policing. I’m not sure what I thought it was previously. Maybe something along the police equivalent of Dad’s Army ? Not sure but I suddenly had this feeling in my tummy. This was real & he would be going into the public as a policeman. They wouldn’t know that he was a volunteer or that he was not allowed to carry firearms. Writing this, I can get that feeling again!

So yes, we were all very proud! That however was only the start! As a SC he had to undertake a number of assigments & have them ‘signed off’ by his sargents to show that he was learning the job. He also had to put in a certain number of hours to show that he was committed to the role. As volunteers with other lives, it can take a couple of years before SCs have everything ‘ticked’ & then they are ‘independant’. Just as it says on the tin – they can go out on their own. Well DS managed to accomplish that in less than a year! It is such an unusual event that a special celebration was arranged with the mayor, local councillors & the press. For this they had to wear  ceremonial dress with tunics (see picture). SCs don’t normally get to wear such items so DS was very excited when he was fitted for his. Unfortunately, guest numbers were  restricted so only his fiancee attended so this very proud mum was not able to be there.

However, I can  boast that my Special is a very Special Special!!



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  • How lovely that you’re still so proud of him and nervous for him, even though he’s long grown-up. I have a long way to go with my boys yet (really, they are both still babies) and I hope I can be as proud of them in 30 years (whatever path they end up choosing).

  • A very special moment: it sounds like your son has done you proud x

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  • What a proud moment indeed! Shame you couldn’t be there.

    I guess they stop being out little ones, even when they are all grown up, eh?

  • Thanks for this thought provoking post Julia. They never stop being our little boys and girls do they? And the worrying goes on! My eldest is nearly 14 and my youngest is 4, the worries (and pride) I have for each of them are different but no less as they get older.
    How lovely to hear you so proud of your boy and what a remarkable man to take it on on top of his busy job…if you want something done, ask a busy person!

  • I am a “parent blogger” but not in the sense that I have little ones now – my youngest is 10 and starts high school in September. I am also a young Nana – by tomorrow(-ish) I will have two grandchildren.

    I talk about all my children and my grandchildren, family life, personal points of view on what happens in life – you are a parent and you have a valid opinion – and, as you’ve proved by this blog post, you never stop being proud of or worried about your children.

  • Awww bless, what a wonderful read and bought back memories of how proud we were when our baby boy did his ‘attainment’ (in the Army, they call it the Enlistment ceremony, where they do their oaths).

    Thank you so much for sharing your pride in your boy, Julia – it shines for all to see *hugs*

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