What sort of posts do you really like?

What sort of posts do you really like?

What sort of posts do you really like?

I write these posts for you Dear Reader so want to know what sort of posts do you really like? Obviously, they are about subjects that interest me as well. If you asked me to write about car maintenance or fly fishing I’d have to leave you wanting because not only do I not know anything about either, I’m not interested in finding out!

To help you answer the question, let me explain a little. I put the topics I write about into categories. For example we have:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Aspects of retirement
  • Places to visit
  •  100 WCGU
  • Food

There is also a category called ‘Just Saying’ which is as easy as it looks – just me saying what I think.

There is a further differentiation in the type of posts I share. For example they may be in a list form or suggesting how to do something. They maybe primarily picture posts with lots of photographs.

Now, I have been doing some research about blogging and how to get this craft (yes I believe it is a craft) better for you as my client and me as the author. In much that I’ve read they talk about a niche. So for example that might be:

  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Mindfulness
  • Finance

Basically, a niche is the topic you develop and are known for by your readership. You become the ‘go to ‘ girl for that subject.

Well, I’m not sure I have a niche. As that first list shows you, I dabble in lots of things so that’s where you come in.

As YOU are the reason for me doing this, what do you think is the niche? Do you prefer the variety and if so, what sort of posts do you really like? Which would you choose?

Tell me! What shall I write about?

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