Sidmouth & the Royal York

Royal York & Faulkner

The Royal York mentioned in the title is the Royal York and Faulkner Hotel that you can find on the sea front at Sidmouth. This Devonshire seaside resort is a favourite with us as it takes us back to a time of sunshine and simplicity.

The setting

Sidmouth fh


Whether you look left or right from the hotel you see the Jurassic coast in all it’s splendour.

It is quite humbling to think of the millions of years that coast line has been evolving and how insignificant we humans actually are!

The promenade is a favourite early morning space for runners and dog walkers. Somehow, the setting helps make it an enjoyable activity.


The hotel

For us, Sidmouth and the Royal York and Faulkner Hotel go together. We don’t always stay over when we visit but when we do, this is where we stay. A room on the seafront is a must so that the music of the sea can really be appreciated. While we were there, the sea went through a number of moods – calm and lapping then rougher and crashing.The bedrooms are very comfortable and have a quaintness about them with uneven and sloping floors.

Many of the guests are in the older category, often arriving in small groups and I suppose this also gives the hotel a character of times gone by with the traditional service .

The menu

When we go away we very rarely have a meal in the hotel, not even breakfast. However with the Royal York we have full board. Part of the reason for this is we often go when there is an offer and it is always full board and it just feels right! By that I mean afternoon tea of small cakes, scones and tea of your choice looking out to sea is so English. The four course table d’hote dinner is a special occasion. Many diners will ‘dress for dinner’ with the gents in jackets and ties although it is not statutory. Over our two-day stay we had among other things: poached chicken salad, watercress baked eggs with salmon soldiers, sole, seabass and an excellent selection of cheeses. The photo doesn’t do justice really but you get the idea! Apologies for the foreign text – blame the app!

Sidmouth & Royal York

Sidmouth is a typical seaside town that is gradually keeping up with modern trends. It now has more cafes and boutique type shops. There are few chains which makes it a pleasure to walk around. It ‘closes’ quite early as far as the evenings go as many hotels offer a similar package as the Royal York but there are some pubs offering food for those who do not have full board.

If you are down in Devon, do pop along to Sidmouth and if you fancy staying in a hotel where things are done ‘proper’ then book into the Royal York!

Royal York


Do you have a favourite seaside place?


This is not a sponsored post. We had a great time and I just wanted to share it! 

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