What do turning leaves mean to you? 100wcgu #188

100 word challenge for grown ups

Here in the UK, the leaves are turning but what does ‘turning leaves’ mean? 


September thoughts


‘Turning leaves’ mean September to me and the beginning of my favourite season – Autumn. I love the way the leaves change colour as the winter gathers in. I know of friends who have visited places across the world at the time of leave turning just to get the colours. Locally, we have an arboretum that charges more at this time of the year! I suppose it is a sensible business approach to something nature does naturally.

New beginnings

Having been a teacher for most of my working life, September represents a new school year. It is a time for blank pieces of paper, new challenges and excitement.

For parents, it can be a time of freedom or sadness as youngsters leave the nest either to travel for very big school at university or first school with nursery. 

Pickles and chutney

It is also a time of harvest with lots of jams and pickles being prepared with the produce that is now coming into season. It is a time of the winter fairs where crafters can show off their wares, many being used for presents for Christmas. 


Last of the summer

It is always lovely to get an Indian summer. I think we mislabel warm weather in September. The ‘Indian’ in the title refers North American Indians, not the Indian subcontinent and really should only be applied to a warm spell after the first frost.

Here in the UK, if the summer has been poor, we are likely to refer to any sunshine in September as that special summer. Anything to keep the warm weather image going!


Latest prompt

This week’s prompt is to get you thinking of changing seasons and what they mean to you. The prompt is:

…Mother Nature was telling me something…

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Before you link up though, do take a minute to listen to Frank Sinatra’s version of September Song. A classic!


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  • pauldavissolutions

    I love fall produce. Tomatoes, beans, canning. Walking to school as the air gets crisp and cool. I happen to be a “every season is my favorite” type of person, but thanks for the memories of fall!

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  • I love the Autumn with the changing colours and the first nip in the air. I especially liked it when I lived in Canada and could enjoy the beautiful colours of the maple trees and wait expectantly for the first snow flakes. It also makes me think of Keats poem Ode to Autumn – “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”.
    It’s a time to pick the apples from the trees in the garden and decide what to do with them but that makes me kind of sad as I’m in the UK wishing I was in Canada as pickling, harvesting etc is so much more a north american thing.

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