Seaterra Marina – a review

“From a distance, it looks like a prison,” said the owner of a home at Seaterra Marina. I disagreed although could vaguely see it as a posh Butlins holiday camp without the red coats. We were discussing the 162 apartment complex in Northern Cyprus situated about 3 miles form the village of Tatlisu.Sea Terra Marina


Seaterra Marina is nestled on the edge of the Mediterranean. The apartments, in 3 storey blocks, have 2/3 bedrooms (one en suite) plus bathroom, lounge/kitchen area and a balcony that looks out onto the landscaped grounds. Those on the top floor have the addition of a roof terrace, including a chimera for bar-b-ques whilst ground floor owners have a garden area.


It was our first visit both to Seaterra Marina and to Northern Cyprus and although our stay was only for 6 days we packed a huge amount in as you will be able to see in future posts. Our friends have owned this second home for about 10 years and have been very persuasive about us joining them and we could see why! For some reason I hadn’t expected to see the sea but it was a feature of our visit, never very far from view. Of course, we will all have seen pictures  of the Mediterranean and that gorgeous range of colours across the blue palette. Well, it is true! It is stunning.Pool at Sea Terra Marina

However, you don’t have to leave Seaterra Marina to get a swim in. The very impressive pool (one of two) is very inviting even for a ‘not keen on swimming’ bod like hubby.

I was very impressed with the landscaping around the whole of the complex. They have added splashes of colour to partner the real palm trees and aloe vera plants. Having attended a Forever party, it was great to see the main ingredient in a natural habitat.

Seaterra Marina Flora

Many of the owners are Brits so there is a great sense of community among them. Some have taken the plunge to move permanently out here whilst others go when they can. It doesn’t seem far when you look at the island of Cyprus on a map but because of political problems (more in a later post) there are restrictions on flights so the journey can be quite tortuous and take far too long.

For us, it was the base for our great ‘eastern’ adventure. Watch this space!

Do you have a ‘second home’? Where is it? How often do you visit?

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