Say it with flowers!

Say it with flowers – such an old cliché but how true!

The sending of flowers can be a token of love (think of all those fabulous love poems with roses, violets & many others).

They can be a message of support at times of sorrow, mourning & sadness.

They can be a cheerful ‘Hello!’

These were sent to me by Interflora UK when they read that I was having  a pretty miserable time. They are simply beautiful with all my favourite autumnal colours & have SO cheered me up! How wonderful is the twittersphere!

Thank you so much Interflora!

I was not the only lady to receive flowers from Interflora. Rosie Scribble got these lovely roses &  Tara Cain’s were matched to the colour of her blog!

How clever is that! So, although this is not a sponsored post, please make sure you use the talents of Interflora UK to send those special messages!

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