Save the Children – No Child Born To Die

This is a very special post for all the children I blog with and their friends!

Most of you will have had some injections when you were babies. These injections gave you protection from some really awful diseases that could kill you if you caught them. This is called being vaccinated.
Unfortunately, there are many children in the world who do not have the opportunity to be vaccinated. Every year 8 million children under 5 die from illnesses that these vaccinations would stop! Isn’t that terrible?!
Save the Children is an organization that hopes to bring the attention of the world to this dreadful situation(have a look here). There is to be a big conference in London in June when David Cameron the Prime Minister will ask world leaders to support the campaign which is called ‘No Child Born To Die’.They are hoping to raise enough money to make sure that vaccinations are available for all children, wherever they live.
Lots of different things are happening which you can be involved in including a SPECIAL 100 Word Challenge next week!
For this week the activity  is to draw a self portrait! It can be of you NOW, happy, safe, fed. Or it could be you in the future, perhaps in the job you hope to get. Thanks to your vaccinations, you will have future to look forward to!
As usual you post to your class blog then link here. You might like to post a slide show of the class! Do visit other entries! The linky is a bit different to normal because you post a picture. Please ask your teacher to read the instructions below!
There is one other thing you can do this week. Ask your teacher if you can sign the petition. Get your mums, dads, aunts and uncles to sign the petition here

Glitter Text

Instructions for Teachers!

You may prefer to post just one link that has a slide show of the portraits.This linky is a little different to the 100 Word Challenge link.  It is part of a ‘blog hop’ which is linked to other sites. It is still very easy to do! When you click to link, this is the picture you will get:

1. Put the URL as usual 2. Put the child’s name (or class if you do a slide show) & school as usual 3. Leave blank 4. Follow directions for ‘From Web’

If you have any difficulties in linking please tweet me!

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