Resource Centre – Week 8

Last week saw lots of entries for the Resource Centre – a big thank you to all contributors! Unfortunately, some of them were not ideas for lessons and although they were very interesting discussion pieces, the idea of this space is to share practical ideas that can be used in the classroom.
Among those posted was a great idea for working with children on such topics as Spring, Growing. It came from Maggie Woodley (@RedTedArt) and shows how to make seedling pots. Another had some ideas for assemblies. These were from Mark Denney (@AssemblyIdeas). At the other end of the age range, Helen Morgan (@nellmog) showed some really creative things to do with left over drawing  ink! You have to see it to believe it!
So I wonder what contributions we’ll get this week.  Just to recap – The Resource Centre is designed as a central place to come and check out ideas, recommendations and classroom plans. It is for everyone involved in the development of children – be it parents or teachers. So if you need resources or fresh ideas, click on the link below. If you have great ideas to share – come and link up – anything goes from crafts, ideas, to classic ‘teacher’s plans’.
The linky will be open for new submissions from Sunday – Friday – but you can come back and read submitted ideas anytime.
(If you’re not sure how to use the linky tweet me @theheadsoffice or drop a comment at the bottom & I’ll help!)
If you don’t have a blog you can leave it in the comments below or email me & I’ll post it for you here.
This is your Resource Centre. Do feel free to leave a comment if you have suggestions on how we can improve it.

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  • Sue Smith

    I am useless at this – wanted to link to our carrier bag monsters on year6busydays – but instead the link goes to the recent postings – 100 word challenges! Sorry – can we remove my link?

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