Resource Centre – Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Resource Centre. For those of you who have only just found it (where have you been?!) it is a space for you to share your great lessons or ideas.
We are over half way through Term 3 here in the UK and I know there have been some amazing things happening in your classrooms. Last week we had an amazing lesson from @colprt on teaching weather. It can be adapted to all ages and really is worth a look here.
As this space is for ideas to make children’s learning really interesting, I know there are lots of ideas shared amongst mums so I hope they will feel free to link. The only criteria is that the suggestion should be able to be delivered to +20 children with possibly one or two adults.
Over on the right side bar you will see the badge for the Resource Centre. If you copy that code into you blog or post, folks visiting will have an easy way to find you contribution.
Now all you have to do is link the URL of the post (not your blog please!) and you will get lots of visits to your blog. If you don’t have a blog, let me have the idea & I’ll post it here for you!
So…week 3 is now open – let’s get sharing!!

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