Resource Centre – Week #20

As I write the rain is battering against the windows but it has been nice and hopefully we are now moving into the brighter weather when classes can move outside.
Last week had some really great ideas in it including some science from Kerry at Multiplemummy , Charlene over at Adventures in Mommy Land gave us all sorts of ice cream ideas and we were shown how do to marbeling by the gang over at Fab Mums.
I’m really hoping that the teachers will start to share their ideas too. I have been in touch with the Guardian and we maybe able to link some ideas with their resource section. I’ll keep you posted!
As usual, if you visit a site please leave a comment and link back to here. Here is a link to all the Resource Centre posts for you to have a look at THE ARCHIVE we are building!
Fingers crossed the sun comes out so let’s get sharing some summer fun!

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