Resource Centre – Week #16

The Heads Office

Well done everyone who linked in Week #15 ! Again we had some unusual ideas including a wind sock from Learning Ideas Grades K-8 and how to show place value using paper clips from Sarah at Confessions of an Untenured Teacher
Now that we have got all those bank holidays over (well part from the last of the academic year) it is time to get heads down and start sharing resources and ideas. For new visitors, the Resource Centre is a space where ideas that can be used in classrooms are shared between teachers, parents and anyone with a passion for learning. The ideas should be able to be used with 20+ children and one or two adults.
If you visit a site, please leave a comment so that contributors know whether their ideas are useful. That is what makes the Resource Centre different – it is where parents and teachers work together in a practical way to really give children the best experience at school.
Let’s get linking!

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