This post is for Saturday Centus a brilliant creative writing meme thought up by the wonderful Jenny Matlock. She gives you a prompt of a few words & you have to use them plus no more than 100 words to make a creative piece! Brilliant! Pop over here to read the others. Here’s mine!


It’s true; the smell of freshly mowed grass can stay with you for years, for decades. Together with a streaming nose, thumping head & dry tickly cough that signify hay fever it is a reminder of summer.

But there is another memory there.

A much deeper memory.

Yes, I’m there now, in that long grass, hiding not daring to breathe. I wait for my contact to guide me in this foreign land. Did the others drop safely I wonder. Will the approaching day light bring success or more danger?

If only the grass could transport me back to a time & place of peace & safety.

Yes, I remember now.

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