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Since starting this blog, I have been aware that there are some great resources out there. Folk are doing wonderful things with their pupils and producing amazing results. I’m also aware of the hours teachers spend on planning their lessons, finding resources etc.
An excellent online debate on CPD showed that teachers are going to have to collaborate a lot more in the present climate and take charge of their further learning.
So….I was wondering if this blog could offer a weekly space for the sharing of successful, creative lessons and ideas. My PLN is full of very energetic, generous people and I know many of you already share things often via twitter. Sadly, the distribution of ideas can be restricted to who sees the tweet.
I know there are many sites including individual blogs that offer resources so the idea would be to create a central space for them all. Hopefully people will get to know that there are some great ideas available for just one click! It would also help increase traffic to your blogs too!
The idea is that throughout the week you post a link to your lesson / ideas either via your blog  or in the comments.  For those of you who don’t have a blog do feel free to email me your lesson and I will post it here for you.
There are lots of fabulous ideas out there which although aimed at parents to do with their children, can be easily adapted for the classroom. They may be resources that teachers might miss so I hope to publish some of those as well.
This is a chance to make sure you time is spent wisely. It is silly to try to re-invent the wheel so let’s celebrate what goes well and let’s get sharing!
The link will be available to add to from Sunday morning until Saturday evening. You will of course be able to read the links whenever.
Add the badge below (designed by Maggy over at RedTedArt where you will find lots of fabulous craft ideas for the class!)  to your blog or post so people know where to check for everyone’s contributions. Just copy the code. You can also pop it on your side bar so that it is easily available when you want to get some more ideas!
Don’t forget to visit during the week to see what great ideas have been left to share!

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