Reflections of Singapore (1)

My first reaction when landing in Singapore was HEAT! It hit us as if we had just been put into an oven. It was to be our friend and foe over the next 3 days!

Our hotel was fabulous in a great setting and near to Clark Quay which had a myriad of restaurants and bars and was the departure point for boat trips round the harbour. A quick reckie of the area gave us a feel of New York but with sky, space and green. Lots of the buildings had arrangements of foliage down their walls. I was very impressed but then thought as there is air conditioning in most of them it was a way of paying back the carbon footprint!

Obviously when you first arrive at a new place you have to sort out food and eateries. We decided to go straight for the local delicacies by visiting a Hawker centre. These are large communal areas where cheap, delicious food is available.P1000337 P1000339

It was brilliant sitting with the locals, watching and listening. More noodles than rice seemed to be consumed – interesting. We used the same sort of arrangement when we visited Little India – again locals eating locally prepared food.

A different take on the idea of fast food!




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  • The food! Oh, the food! I imagine it is really GREAT in Singapore.
    I’m sure heat can be a bit much when you’re there — but looking out the window at the fresh snow falling (and yesterday was the first day of SPRING) — it sounds good to me!

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