How to reduce your extreme stress with rice

How rice saves stress

reduce extreme stress with rice





So, I decided to walk to get healthy. Not just wandering around but actually setting aside 30 minutes each day to walk at pace. To check my progress, I used my iPhone Health app which told me how many steps I had done each day. I had decided on this option as felt to pay out for one of those fancy wrist band things that told you everything you were doing was a bit excessive. I may have been proved very wrong!

The incident

Needing to count steps meant I needed my phone with me at all times. You get paranoid that you are missing steps even if you leave it on the table when you have stopped for coffee and need to spend a penny.

So… yes you guessed it – my phone fell out of my pocket and down the toilet. Luckily the bowl had clear water in it and I pulled it out virtually immediately.

My heart started to pound. Oh my goodness what had I done? My phone! Would it work? My life was at an end! How can I start to breathe again?

As it was, when I got outside and explained to hubby what I had done, his handkerchief mopped it all of and yes – it was still working. No damage had been done!

I can’t hear you!

The following day, hubby called me and although I could see that it was him and that the calling was taking place, I couldn’t hear him. No matter how loudly I shouted, I couldn’t hear him. Pressing the speaker button did get the trick and for some reason I thought no more of it until I got home and he explained that he had called a couple of times but the phone had just gone dead.

Now, I’d been at a directors meeting which had been very focused. My granddaughter had sent me a few text messages during the meeting. As she is only 3, they were in the form of the icons and as this grandma didn’t know how to turn the ipad sound off  the meeting had been interrupted by various bings and bongs and my stress had mounted. Within half an hour of getting home, the icons for the apps had gone to black and white and I went into panic mode! DEspair

A solution?

What did we do without social media and the internet in the good old days? Thankfully, I didn’t have to think about it because my dear friends on Twitter and Face Book knew the answer – a bowl of rice!

Following the instructions from a very nice young man on You Tube I shook my phone and then place it in a plastic box, filled it with dry rice (he mentioned that cooked rice wouldn’t have the same effect!), put the lid on and placed it on a radiator.

And then my stress began!

A phone-free day

The temptation to test it, keep an eye on it and just have it with me was overwhelming. My good friend Naureen Khalid told me in a serious tone on FB that it had to be left for 48 hours. I couldn’t believe how I felt during that time (very bad night with little sleep!) and now I reflect on it – it is not a healthy state to be in over a phone!

So what were my problems?

  • I have a reputation for responding virtually immediately to any request
  • I might miss something urgent
  • I couldn’t ‘check’ things on the internet that came up in conversation
  • I wasn’t sure I had synced my phone correctly so how was I going to get all those details back?

On the plus side:

  • My handbag was lighter
  • I read the paper while having a coffee
  • I people watched and found myself imagining their lives
  • I TALKED to my husband


Undoing the box

Both hubby and I were on tenterhooks as the time ticked by. We had agreed that the box would be opened at 11am on what would be three days from the drowning. I can honestly say, my heart was pounding as if something amazingly good or awful was going to happen. The box was opened and out came the phone. I put the SIM card back in and turned it on. It felt like at least an hour before the Apple logo disappeared and there was my screen saver – a picture of hubby, in black and white. Now that was fine because it was a black and white photo but the apps were still colourless.

First things first – hubby phoned me. It rang, I answered and we could hear each other! Hurray!

In my mind, I was already thinking that I could manage with black and white apps. After all, it might start a craze. However, we searched good old google and followed these instructions:

  1. Press the home button 3 times
  2. Go to Grayscale and turn it on and off a few times
  3. Go to zoom and do the same



Getting stressed

Moral of the story

My learning over this incident has been huge. I was really disturbed by how desperate I felt at the various stages of this tale. I am determined not to be so reliant on a little device.

Are you a slave to your phone? 


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