‘Raise1brow’ for cancer

Raise #1 Brow

I had to learn to pluck at an early age. Raise #1 Brow 

A family trait on my father’s side was thick eyebrows and as a young lady, it was not a trait I was pleased to have but I would hate not to have them!

One of my favourite online magazines comes from Country Wives and they are supporting #Raise1brow which is raising money for Look Good Feel Better, the only international cancer support charity providing free services for women and teenagers suffering from the visible side effects of their medical treatment.

Hair loss is known to be one of the side effects of the treatment for cancer. Women in particular find this very debilitating and totally demoralizing so money raised will be used by LGFB to provide  support with self image and appearance through complimentary group and self help skincare and make up sessions that create a sense of support, confidence, strength and community.Raise a brow

Studio 10 who have made the video below with LGFB, are also donating one Brow Lift Perfecting Liner for every one bought by people like us.

Now you’ve watched the video, you are going to donate to Raise1Brow aren’t you? Get filming and sharing!

Raise 1 brow

photo credit for featured image: Los ojos de mi vida via photopin (license)

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