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Nonesuch cup

As you will know Dear Reader we love to go out for coffee and today we found a new venue – Nonesuch Cup.

Why Nonesuch Cup?

The definition of the word going way back to the 1580s is

a person or thing without equal; paragon. 

Nonesuch Cup



It is also the name of a flower which I discovered is special to Bristol being linked to the many explorers but particularly John Cabot of whom we are rightly proud.



Anyway, back to the Nonesuch Cup

Cafe with a differenceNonesuch cup


The cafe is attached to a charity shop that supports St Peter’s hospice, Bristol’s only adult hospice caring for the terminally ill. It is novel to sit sipping great coffee peering at racks of clothes and other sales items deciding which purchases you will make.

The menu is not huge but the quality of the food from breakfasts, soups, things on toast through to sandwiches and cakes is of a very good quality and the portions are certainly generous.


Do you use charity shops?


I’m a supporter of charity shops but apart from jigsaws only give not buy. I have real problem with the musty smell that many have. Does that make me a snob? Maybe, but I do provide plenty of goods to be sold and my jigsaw routine means I buy one (spend money) then take it back for someone to buy it (make money). A win win I think.

So, if you are shopping down Gloucester Road in Bristol, do pop in and treat yourself. What could be better shopping, cake AND helping the community!

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  • I’ll keep that one in mind, do they have plenty of books? not that I need to add to my pile. I take my books to Bookcycle, they send books to Africa and plant trees. Clothes go to our local cancer charity shop and occasionally I do buy things.

  • Sounds a delightful experience, Julia. 🙂
    I love discovering new coffee shops or out of the way places for lunch with a friend.
    I do use charity shops and give more than I buy, especially books: buy, read and return or share with another friend.

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