Are you stressed? What’s the cure?

National Stress Awareness Day

What happened to October?National Stress Awareness Day

Actually, I need to ask the same question about September. The months are so busy that I’m not getting a chance to draw a breath let alone stop and smell the coffee.

Life is busy

This is just a short note to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you all. You will have seen my adventure with the Osteoarthritis suit last week. We have been given the chance of going to the factory to see Stannah’s operation first hand. Should be interesting!

For some reason, Julia’s Place is attracting the interest of several brands, all with different products which is nice. Those that I share here are always things that I do / would use and feel you might be interested in. With that in mind, I’m getting ready to share my ongoing fitness regime. Well not so much a fitness programme, more an attempt to get out of the chair! I have been asked to run a trial on getting properly hydrated so thought I could do it together and hopefully at the end you will see a different me. Please do not hold your breaths!

I have been quite upset over the past month or so – family business – but it has brought about different physical ailments which clearly are linked to stress. I have always been a headache person. When things got tense it was always my head that would ache so over the years I’ve learned to cope. However, recently all sort of different parts have begun to ache in response to stress. 


What’s your stress?

I’ve had indigestion, an annoying little dry cough, my hamstring is really tight, oh, and I’m not sleeping well! I actually said to Nick the other day that he should put me a bag, shake it and see what good bits fall out! Not many I would guess!

It turns out that November 2nd is National Stress Awareness Day so, I thought I’d ask you Dear Reader – what signs does your body sends you when you are doing too much or the pressure is building? Has it changed over the years and how do you deal with them as they appear?

Of course, the question I should be asking is how do I keep doing what I do but not get stressed! 

Come on! Share your wisdom below!


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  • Hi Julia,
    Stress! UGH! Boy, is it with me right now and to be honest, a while now. OA is one of my biggest stressors. Pain is not something I enjoy or frankly deal with very well. In fact, at the end of this month I will be having surgery. It requires a lengthy recovery and now, I’m stressed over what will happen to the Cow Pasture Chronicles. So, yeah, I’m stressed. I’m doing my best to schedule post ahead of time but 4-6 months without being able to type leaves me – well, stressed. I would love it if you would do an occasional guest post for me. If you’re interested email me at or through the contributors contact page at the top of my blog. Thanks.@sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

  • I’m always looking for ways to destress – my problem is I try to do too many things, usually at the same time! I get headaches and other things. I’ve just started to doodle, and it’s been very helpful. Any chance for ‘me time’ is a bonus.

    • Too much all at the same time should be identified as an illness I think with medication of relaxing. can’t see my doctor being able to prescribe it though 🙂

  • Time waits for no one. Sigh. The months have flown by since the end of June. Hope you’re feeling less stressed. <3 <3

  • Just catching up on your posts so only now seen the one about the osteoporosis suit. Astonishing to think of the work thet went into creating all those effects. I’m intrigued by yiur hydration project since I a, so bad at this amd hoping to pick up tips.

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