My Week – 26th December

A week that has Christmas Day and Boxing Day in it is going to be quite sparkly I hope!

We visited dear friends before the festivities began. They live in Hereford and have a wonderfully big house that cries out for Christmas trees. They have two. The first is in the kitchen and is their ‘tatty’ one. Now, don’t believe for a moment that it wasn’t beautiful – it was. What the name refers to are the trinkets that are hung on it. They have come from a variety of places and times. Shown in the picture are a cable car from San Francisco and a Chinese emblem.

They also gave us a very tasty bottle of wine. You may not be able to see the name but Herefordshire is known for it’s cattle – hence the picture on the bottle and the name ‘Hereford’.

Boxing Day saw us at our son’s house with his wife and our grand daughter. We had a wonderful family time and he reminded us of his culinary skills by cooking a full roast dinner that was delicious! While we were there he was able to take us to see the school where he will be head from Easter. It looks like a great place of learning and I know he will flourish there. Speaking of learning, I just had to share hubby with grand daughter concentrating on devices. Safe to say that even at just two she is far more skilled at surfing than he is!

The last couple of photos are silly ones. We went out for a curry before ‘proper’ Christmas started and you just have to get into the spirit by wearing a hat from the cracker provided don’t you!

As for the mushroom – well it had been left at the back of the fridge. Do click on it and enlarge it because it is really beautiful!

imageSo, have you a pictorial story of your past week? Do share it!


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