My Week – 19th December

Although we were at home, it still felt like a week with lots in it.

It started with our decorations going up. Over the past few years we have changed the ‘theme’ and we now have a red and white feel to the tree. however, this decoration has stayed with me since I was little so it is VERY old!

Hubby has been struggling with trapped nerve in his neck so another visit to our wonderful chiropractor Leiza sorted him out. He visits her regularly and she helps make sure he can keep playing football at 58!

We went to Canterbury for the week-end and stopped in Westerham for cake ( well it was a holiday so had to be done, right? It’s a small town near Chartwell, the home of Sir Winston Churchill so hosts a wonderful sculpture of him on the green. Clive of India also has a statue on the green so it is an area steeped in the history of two of the country’s famous chaps.

As it is Christmas there are a couple of jolly shots – lights and Morris men entertaining in Canterbury. How are you preparations going for Christmas? All ready?


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