My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.2

Queen's Arms Corton Denham

When you go on holiday or away for a little while, if it isn’t for work, do you cram lots of activity into the time? Hubby can’t help himself but to launch into whatever is around. We don’t go an activity holidays but never rest from sight seeing and walking the town. However, my truly amazing birthday adventure was different! I wanted to go and rest so we choose to stay in a pub that was miles from anywhere with nothing to explore other than country side!

Boutique roomsbed 3

The Queen’s Arms at Corton Denham in the midst of the country side near the border between Dorset and Somerset offers sanctuary from a busy life. It is a Georgian Inn with open fires, delicious food and a welcome that makes you feel very special. They only have eight bedrooms but they offer, in the words of the brochure, ‘opulent elegance’.

Our room was situated in the coach house, a small collection of three bedrooms looking out onto a hillside and splendid views. It was certainly elegant but my wish had been for cosy so I could snuggle with the book I had bought with me rather than my laptop. The wooden floor gave me a feeling of chilly so I asked if they had another room we could have.

Staff were very accommodating and changing was no problem and what a room it was! I can’t begin to describe the softness of the bed and pillows and a duvet that just embraced you. Heaven!


My truly amazing birthday adventure


Luxurious bathing

One of my dreams when thinking about my truly amazing birthday adventure was to soak in a bath full of bubbles. Once again The Queen’s Arms did not disappoint!


Luxury bathing

Luxury bathing


A free standing roll top bath with  ‘telephone’ taps that made me feel I could order room service! Just look at that jute bag full of bath salts and petals. Hubby did wonder what the bits were but he got the hang of it.


Touch of niceties


A nice touch


The other things that make an over night stay for me are all the other bits and bobs you get. Lovely tea and coffee for instance. In this case we had our own cafetiere and a full range of tea from Teapigs plus of course hot chocolate. All served in a very impressive box. There were sweeties as well as water plus a wonderful chair and mirror that didn’t take over the room and show your reflection at every turn.




As it was a ‘get-away’ stay, we had booked dinner, bed and breakfast. The dinning room was empty which wasn’t a surprise given it was a wet and windy night in January but it didn’t matter. The food was delicious with some of those added flourishes that we had come to expect here. For instance, I started with salmon and mozzarella croquettes which came served on a block of wood.

Breakfast was eaten in another room that I could have spent a week in. It looked out onto the surrounding hillside, was full of bookshelves with books crying out to be read and just had an ambiance that shouted ‘Relax’.


My truly amazing birthday adventure

Breakfast heaven

With tummies full of delicious Eggs Benedict we were ready to set off on the next stage of my truly amazing birthday adventure. We will certainly be returning to Corton Denham and the Queen’s Arms where we know peace awaits us.

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Trish Burgess who recommended this inn. She has a fabulous blog over at ‘Mum’s Gone To…’ where she shares all her fabulous travels!

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