Music makes me cry!

It is my son’s birthday today. We are not together so there are tears. I’m a touchy, feely person and will cry when my emotions are moved. Music makes me cry especially when it is connected to memories.  As soon as you hear the first chords you’re welling up. So here, after a great deal of thought are my 5. I challenge you to listen & not have quivering lips!

I start with Somewhere Out There’ from ‘An American Tail’. OH & I had a long distance romance when we first got together & we each had a copy of this to play when we were apart:

Next, in keeping with the slightly slushy mood is Phil Collins singing ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ . We danced to it at our wedding!

My father was not one for music or singing. He was a quiet man who enjoyed his paper & walking the dog in the New Forest. However, when listening to my next choice he said ‘I quite like this one you know’ so here is ‘A Theme From a Summer Place’ by Percy Faith


I have a brother who lives in New Zealand. He has been there for over 40 years. He came home for a visit when ‘My Cherie Amour’ was at the top of the charts. I have to own up to not being able to listen to this one! Either the music is turned off or I leave the room!


My final choice is connected to my wonderful son. Unlike his grandfather, he has always loved music & there are lots of songs that remind me of him. However, I have chosen ‘Ebony & Ivory’. He was only 6 at the time but it was his favourite. ‘It’s about black people & white people mum. It’s really clever because it’s about the piano keys as well’!


I do hope you are able to play my selection. For me as I hear the first notes, the tears are there as are the wonderful pictures they represent.

What would be in your top 5? If you are a blogging take up the challenge to share them with us!


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  • travelwithmrst

    Wow, I’ll need to think about this one–great idea for a post. I had a similar question from a travel blogger–“What are the first 5 songs on your travel playlist”–those were easy! Your first would also be my first–my husband once dedicated “Somewhere Out There” to me on the radio (he had called in to have it played). He had me listening to the station that afternoon until they played it, and then they announced, “From Mick to Michele” instead of Nick! Great memories!

  • Music is so strong when it comes to emotions, i’m a real fan of all sorts of music and would have to think long and hard about a top 5,

  • Only 5?
    I have a journal full of reasons why songs are on my I Pod
    Each one means something to me
    Here are 5 and maybe one day I will get around to publishing some of my I pod journal
    Just the way you are Billy Joel Playing when I returned home from hospital having given birth to Adam my eldest son
    I hope you dance by Westlife My song for my eldest daughter Lauren
    My Wish by Rascal Flatts A song for my youngest daughter
    Be Young be foolish and Be Happy The Tamms My Mantra for all my children and grandchildren
    Que Sera Sera Mums song for us when we were young
    These are just a few!

  • Lovely. Mine would be.
    This old heart of mine. Isley Brothers that’s our song
    That’s Amore Dean Martin reminds me of my childhood Sunday mornings
    Let it Go from frozen. Love the film the lyrics and my daughter dies too.
    Time of my Life from Dirty Dancing. Live the film but since my friend died and it was at her funeral it is very special to me.and finally
    Have you met Miss Jones. I live belting out a swing song, and this one is my favourite.
    Thanks for stirring some wonderful memories.

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