Making sense of it all -Guest Post Day!

Today is Guest Post Day organised by Erica at Little Mummy! Do pop along & read some more! She has paired bloggers up with each other & it means that this blog is playing host (well hostess!) to the lovely Marianne who is the mother of twins & author of the fabulous blog Mari’s World. When you visit you will see the she is very interested in writing as well as sharing all the ups & downs of being a parent to 2 gorgeous little girls. We decided that we would write about our senses. Here is Marianne’s take on it. When you have read it, visit her blog & have a read of my post as well as sharing some of her stories. Please leave us a comment so we know you’ve visited! Enjoy!

Do you get a buzz filling your lungs with fresh air drawing in the sweet smell of freshly cut grass?
Or passing a baker who has just unloaded his oven of freshly baked bread?
How about the clean perfumed smell of ironing?
A beautiful summer garden of the prettiest flowers.
The seaside
These are some of my favourite smells

‘I can see the sea’!!!! – Always an exciting moment on any car journey be it the British coast or abroad.
A new born baby fast asleep and snug in his blankets never fails to tug at my heart strings.
A beautiful mansion with it’s surrounding gardens.
Sight seeing, be it a city break, a beach holiday, a ski trip a day out, taking in some of the planet’s wonderful corners.
These are some of my favourite sights

A child’s laughter
A tinkling brook in the silent forest
Waves on the beach
My skis carving a trace in the snow
The rhythmic breathing of my loved one fast asleep
My i Pod playing my favourite playlist
These are some of my favourite sounds

Beautiful fabrics, silk, cotton, cashmere,
Animals. Stroking beautiful fur. How about stroking a lion? I’d love to.
Touching my children’s faces, their hair, their tummies.
A cuddle, a hug, a kiss on the cheek and removing their tears with my fingertips.
Licking out the cake mixture bowl with your fingers – naughty but nice
The keyboard tapping beneath my fingers – bliss.

White wine.
Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and roast potatoes
This list could go on forever!

Speech not technically a sense but…
Words, beautiful lyrics, heartfelt letters, words of passion, of sorrow, of love and of joy.
The written word that can transport you into another dimension another world and allow you for just a moment to be someone else, think like someone else and learn like someone else.
My children’s first words make me smile and my heart tumbles out love.
My partner for no specific reason, just before the BBC news, looks over and says ‘I really love you’ my heart crumbles.

Our senses, not to be taken for granted as losing just one of them could change our lives completely.
What are some of your favourites?

Off you go now & visit Mari’s World!

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