Last Week I Learnt That…..Week#69

  • Exercise can make you fat. The more exercise you do, the hungrier you get and the more cake you want to eat!
  • Exercise can become addictive. I have started a programme called ‘Couch to 5K’. The idea is that in 9 weeks I will be able to run for half an hour. Not a bad trade off I reckon. However, I have pulled a muscle lifting a box and feel VERY frustrated that now I have started, I can’t keep it going.
  • Support can really get you to your goals. I announced on Twitter that I was going do this training and lots of folks are supporting me with encouragement. Great!
  • Technology is very frustrating when you are on your own. I am trying to produce a video about 100 Word Challenge to send to folks when I can’t attend myself. I know I have everything at my finger tips but I can’t seem to make that final link. I have Twitter to ask questions but it is not the same as having someone sat beside meSnow
  • The mention of snow can create panic. Let’s hope it doesn’t arrive and produce real chaos.
  • Setting challenges is all well and good but you need the time for them! My ’13 Challenges’ is really keeping me busy!
  • Getting back into routines after a holiday is very reassuring.
  • Artificial Christmas tree needles are as stubborn as real ones for being cleaned up!
Have you succumbed to New Year pressure into doing some exercise? Are you still finding needles in the carpet?

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