Last Week I Learnt That…#7

  • Unexpected sunshine can bring smiles! The sudden hot weather saw lots of tables and chairs outside cafes on the pavements. Took me back to France!
  • There’s no fool like an old fool! As you know I like technology and whilst not a whizz kid, I pride myself in keeping up with things most of the time! However, I was caught out as a forgetful old biddy! We use the divert facility from BT. That means that we can divert our home phone to any other number so usually send it to the mobile. It means that we can be contacted anywhere at any time. Not always a good thing I know but saves me worrying! As you know we were away for the w/e and the phone was dutifully diverted. Two days after returning home I was getting increasingly annoyed that hubby was not answering the phone when I had arranged to call him to collect me. I just kept getting our voice-mail message. Have you guessed – yes – I had forgotten to cancel the divert!! I was calling myself!
  • Unexpected sunshine can make really cross people! The summer is the time for hot weather. In a way we expect it and our bodies seem to make allowances for it. When it suddenly arrives tempers flare more quickly. I saw an amazing piece of road rage where a driver was being careful passing a parked car and the woman behind reminded me of Cruella Daville screaming at the dog-nappers in the cartoon of ‘101 Dalmatians’!
  • My husband is not always wrong! I know that is quite a statement to make but it’s true. He has had new glasses but kept saying they were wrong. He wanted to go to Boots (because he always goes there despite the cost!). I persuaded him to try Spec Savers so when he said they weren’t right I presumed it was to put me in my place! Either that or his OCD was rearing its head. Anyway, we took them back  because he was driving me up the wall to have them checked and blow me down, the prescription was wrong! *Shuffles off to eat words!*
  • Relaxation can help with weight loss. You know I talked about stress making you fat (LWILT#5 )  Well I’ve started listening to my Paul McKenna tape of ‘I Can Make You Thin’ and it is working. I lost quite a lot last time and it is certainly helping me relax! was your week? Did you get all hot and bothered? Share it with us! 

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