Last Week I Learnt That …#65

  • There are some words that I feel very uncomfortable about. Don’t worry – they aren’t rude ones! One that popped up this week was ‘belly’. A perfectly innocent word but for some reason it does not sit happily with me. For me, that area is either a tummy or a stomach. Have you words that make you cringe a little?
  • When busy people give up their time to talk to you it make you feel valued.
  • When you have passion and self belief, the world truly is your oyster. I visited two Fred Astairesuch individuals and although in completely different areas, their belief in their work just shone out and certainly convinced me that they were right!
  • Having a spare cardigan in the car can be a life savoir when you go out.
  • I can’t keep still when I’m watching Fred Astaire! I have always had a passion for dance. I actually went to college to do a course in Dance and Drama. In those days it was one of 3 such courses in the UK and only had 12 places so I was very lucky. I didn’t do anything with it though but still tap my feet when I see those amazing performers.
  • No matter how often we go, a trip to London is always special. It is our capital after all!
  • School dinners never lose their reputation. One of my visits was to a school and we were invited to stay for lunch. Whilst I was quite happy to take up the invite one of my colleagues was very anti the idea. She could not be persuaded so we ended up with a sandwich at the services on our way back. Was that better I wonder?

Lots of business for me. How about you? 

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