Last Week I Learnt That …#68

  • Artificial Christmas trees drop their needles. We finally succumbed to a false tree a number of years ago. I always said I would always want a real tree so that the house had that lovely smell of pine. However, prices shot up and we decided to get an artificial one. I have to say it is a beauty and is often mistaken by visitors to be real. Christmas tree
    Nevertheless, I had thought it would be easier to maintain but once to have baubles, lights tinsel all vying to be the first to hit the floor, needles come off!
  • You know when you are getting old when you are happy that ‘Christmas is packed
    away’. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the trimmings and decorations but unlike when I was a child and felt that huge sense of anti-climax when the tree came down, it is now a feeling of ‘back to normal’.
  • I should listen to my body. No don’t worry – this is not ‘X’ rated! I knew I was going to feel hot on a recent trip but was persuaded to wear a coat rather than a jacket. Result – I was hot!
  • Personal perspectives can be difficult to understand and accept. Someone tells you their position and you give advice. However, it is advice from YOUR stand point, not theirs. It may not be possible for them to take that advice even should they wish to.
  • Meeting someone from a different country is so invigorating. I was lucky enough to meet up with a fellow tweeter and it was great hearing all about her life in Israel.
  • ‘Giving up’ is very hard. That applies to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and in my case, cake!
  • Hair has a way of breaking free. Not sure that explains what I mean! when I was very young my hair was almost non-existent to the point that I was mistaken for a boy! As it finally grew, it was ‘as straight as a yard of pump water’. It has now become quite curly. If I was younger I’d probably be thinking ‘Straighteners’ but I’m loving this new, natural look!

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