Last Week I Learnt That ….#63

  • Working with enthusiastic people is very energising. I spent a couple of hours with a group of teachers working on 5 Sentence Challenge. It was so good to talk about how children learn and how to motivate them.
  • Cheese rolls at 10pm when you are in the middle of adding the scores for a general knowledge quiz are delicious!
  • Some people have a knack of phoning at the wrong time. One particular friend always manages to call when I’m in the bath. This week she caught me in the queue to vote for our new Mayor!
  • Trying to keep to a routine can be very stressful. We have a set of weekly routines and I know hubby ( with his OCD) likes us to keep to them as much as possible. This week I knew there wasn’t really time to walk into town, have a mooch around, then get back for me to get ready to go to a meeting. We did get it done but rather than the routine helping with stress, I was very hot and bothered by the time I arrived for the meeting!
  • Working as a team takes patience and objectivity.
  • Time can calm the savage breast. Well, my breast wasn’t savage as much as I was annoyed and upset. As usual, I let rip and folks knew exactly how I felt. I felt a sense of indignation and injustice and was just going to take my ball away so that the game couldn’t continue. However, the next morning, I realized that the one group who would suffer from my actions had not done anything wrong. I will bring my ball back but perhaps only play when it suits me. Compromise?

Quite an exhausting but thought provoking week for me. How did you fair? 

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