Last Week I Learnt That…#62

  • Using ‘new’ and ‘whizzy’ is not always a good idea. I’m an old fashioned girl when it comes to presentation formats. I’m very comfortable with Powerpoint and do understand the need to make sure it is not death by slides. However, I also like to learn new things so when my twitter friends suggested Prezi with the assurance it was easy I thought I’d have a go. I worked for most of the week-end on it and they helped tweak it for me. The one area I wasn’t au fait with though was how to get back to my presentation when I had ‘visited’ a blog. It was a disaster because I panicked and suddenly did not feel in control. Come back PPT!
  • When your confidence is shaken it can take a while to get back to an equilibrium. Following the experience above, I found myself quite wobbly for a couple of days. I had to attend some training the following day and soon felt thy I was not qualified to be there. Luckily, my fellow trainees were able to reassure me.
  • Fresh cream on scones with strawberry jam is DELICIOUS!
  • ‘Posh’ rolls do make great snacks! Tasted olive and rosemary ciabatta and it was scrummy!
  • A new born life is such a miracle. What craftsmanship goes into creating it!
  • Cuddling your new grand daughter is heavenly. I can honestly say becoming a grandma was not on my list of priorities. My son has been away from home for 18 years now and although we are in regular contact,not living round the corner does mean we play a different part in his life than the family that is close by. However. Holding MY granddaughter for the first time was such a wonderful feeling. I am a very lucky lady to have such an addition to the family.
  • As I get older I want to do more. I don’t think this is about realising the clock is ticking but more about seeing the possibilities and realising that almost nothing is impossible!
  • Some roads make you go fast! I don’t often take the car out on my own. When I do it is usually a journey involving motorways. There is one in particular where the scenery is lovely ( especially at this time of with the leaves turning) that I find myself going at quite a speed ( I won’t say how fast in case there are police folks reading!) Of course, this is not me breaking the law but rather a road that makes you go fast!

A really varied week with SO many emotions flying round. How was yours? 

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  • Congrats on your new granddaughter – I was hoping for one myself, but it looks like it will be a while before any of my children reproduce.

  • missmarple69

    I’m also a first time Grandparent, and find myself in seventh heaven, we are totally besotted with our gorgeous Granddaughter, Chloe-Louise.. I got to go on my second Library trip with my daughter and Granddaughter, she’s only coming up for five months old, loves being read to tho, and really concentrates looking at the pictures, when you point them out.. I have read to her since birth some of the fave books from her mummies childhood, and some of mine.. We’ve not long finished; Charlotte’s Web, and now onto Beatrix Potter stories, I hope she ends up having a passion for books as I do…

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