Last Week I Learnt That….#65

  • I have influences on the weather. Now, I’m not claiming to have any control of what has been happening over in the United States because if I had, that dreadful storm would not have occurred. No, my influences are on a much smaller scale. We took the car to the car wash as a treat & it hasn’t stopping raining since!!
  • Wellies, macs, hats and gloves can make the rain fun
  • Sharing good news is like throwing a stone into a pond. All the ripples keep resonating and it is such a good feeling! My grand daughter arrived on Thursday – Brontë Matilda.
  • An old dog can learn new tricks but it need help and guidance from young pups. I have a presentation to deliver this coming week and was persuaded to try using Prezi rather than my usual Power Point. I watched the videos and read instructions but it felt much harder than it should have done given everyone told me ‘It’s so easy!’ However, having folks around via twitter to guide me through, I’ve done it and have to say I’m quite pleased with myself.
  • A man who is interested in how he looks can cost a fortune. I know I’ve mentioned hubby’s weight loss and the need to buy more clothes for him but he is now becoming fussy! I didn’t know he knew the phrase ‘does my bum looks lost in this’!
  • Being stressed makes you fat. I’ve mentioned it before I know but I have obviously had a stressy week because all my clothes feel tight. Nothing to do with the beer I’ve had to keep me calm of course!

Lots happening here. What about you?

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