Last Week I Learnt That …#56

  • Having a new car can be nerve wracking. We have just taken possession of a brand new car. Although it is the same model as our previous 4 cars there are lots of subtle differences. It has been a delight for my husband who just loves to fiddle with knobs and buttons ( if you see what I mean!). However, as the passenger (I have yet to drive it!!) I’ve been experiencing a sharp intake of breath as vehicles seem to be getting too close!!
  • New cars make lots of warning noises, including the approach of a speed camera!
  • The label may be the same but the contents can be completely different. I visit schools to talk about 100 Word Challenge and although I am speaking to people with the same job titles, working in schools, they are as different as chalk and cheese!
  • Translation takes time. As you may know the 100 Word Challenge is being translated into welsh each week. Although I’m being given my own translator, it has meant the building of a team of commentators which will take time.
  • Visiting places of government is very exciting. Linked with above, I had a meeting at the Welsh Assembly. I was SO excited. Although it is made of white blocks and not particularly aesthetically pleasing outside, inside is wonderful with lots of greenery and light.
  • Standing your ground can make you feel uncomfortable. I had to stress a point this week which meant that my colleagues were rather taken aback. I wasn’t saying anything different just putting a greater emphasis on it which was initially interpreted as opposition. It was actually the same opinion as I have always expressed, just with a greater sense of urgency and less room for manoeuvre.
  • Although sad, it is good to know that it IS time for jumpers rather than being caught out with cold snaps in the weather.

Lots of excitement for me this week! how about you?

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