Last Week I Learnt That…#55

  • Machinery is no respecter of age. I had a go at laminating this week. I did a bit when I was a head teacher so knew about the cunning plans such machines have to trap the unsuspecting. However, I was not prepared for the mangled mess that was totally trapped in it when I had taken my eye off it for a milli second. Hubby tried to mend it but it was stuck fast!
  • You should add ‘Strong Cheese’ to this comment about headaches.
  • Small can be big. The new freezer arrived and rather than being short of space, I can see how much room we wasted in the other huge brute. Somehow, the cupboard above now seems lower!
  • A quick job can not only be extremely long but very stressful. I was going to fold some leaflets. Easy. No – they weren’t straight so had to be trimmed before I could start to fold. Grrr!
  • Caterpillars are greedy beggars! I was so pleased when the nasturtiums finally bloomed. It wasn’t long though before they were eaten – and how! However, when I went to take this photo, I could only find one of them. Does that mean the rest are now butterflies?
  • People do not read instructions. Some of the classes now joining 100 Word Challenge have got themselves into quite a pickle linking the posts! Mind you, some of the grown ups are rather impatient when it comes to their posts too! 😉

Quite a tense week for me. How was yours? 

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  • Hi Julia,
    I loved this post. Particularly the comment about instructions. My husband, along with my two brothers and father say reading instructions is for those who don’t know. Now my mother and I always seem to end up having to the read the instructions. Anyone else seeing the trend here 🙂 Thanks for the smile.

  • nice work -Ive been on the computer for over a week=sick-then the cable got messed up, I had 977 messages piled u, so obviously I wont be able to do a lot-still not well-rough week. Hope you are doing well–beebeesworld

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