Last Week I Learnt That…#52

  • Men cannot hang washing. Now is that because their mothers did not show them?  Does that mean that they didn’t have to learn until they left home by which time it was too late to stop them throwing the article over the line and pegging where it touches? I am amazed at the pickle hubby gets into when hanging out a sheet for instance. It looks like there was a real ‘battle line’ and the sheet won!
  • When someone tidies up for your visit to theirs, your house may not be as untidy as you thought!
  • OCD reaches the parts you didn’t know existed. This is not a post completely about my darling husband but a couple of things did raise my eyebrows this week, if not my temper. We need a new freezer. Unfortunately, our old one was one that Noah didn’t want so we cannot replace like for like. I have found that L4L is the best way to purchase household items as far as hubby and his OCD is concerned but as I say we couldn’t for the freezer. So off we go with measurements in hand. Now I was looking for a white box that would fit into our space that would freeze my food. Unbeknown to me, Nick wanted something more aesthetic! Don’t laugh! What is on the inside is at least, if not more, important than the outside apparently!
  • Seagulls are very determined creatures
  • Having an iPhone reminds you of your age. I bought tickets for the Olympics. Yes – I know! I’ve been going on about it for weeks, asking on twitter if anyone had any. I’ve joined in several competitions in the hope of getting some and suddenly I had got through online. Unfortunately, I was using my phone, couldn’t see the small print despite enlarging it, ran out of time and lost them!! The customers in Marks and Spencer coffee shop were quite worried about the state this woman was getting herself into. I just hope I will be lucky again and have the magnifying glass with me!
  • With real friends, you can always catch up no matter how much time has passed

A mixed bag here. How was your week? 

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