Last Week I Learnt That ….#51

  • The seasons seemed to have merged. I’m not referring to the weather here, although it would be appropriate with the amount of water that has fallen from the sky this summer. I’m thinking about the sports that we see during the year. In the past (gosh that sounds old!) the football season stopped. the cricket season started and when that had finished we would see football again. Now, football seems to go on all the time.
  • Footballers have ground to make up. I’m thinking about all the bad press professional footballers have had from the British press during the Olympic Games. Well, I went to a game of football this week and this is what I saw:

**Footballers arguing with the referee.

**Stadium more than half empty.

**Songs with expletives in them.

**Intense and at times quite threatening rivalry between fans

              All a far cry from the behaviour during the Games.

  • Life moves quickly and with it our intentions. This is still about the Olympics. We have heard lots about the Legacy but now that the football season has started, we seem to be forgetting about it already
  • Students and curtains don’t mix. I can’t abide to see curtains up at windows that aren’t at least straight. We live in an area where lots of students have flats and they can be identified by the way the material (some cannot be called curtains!) is strung across the window. now why is this? Was it all done to Mum drawing them in the morning as she tried to get her brood out of bed? Surely ‘spoon feeding’ doesn’t go that far?!
  • Arrangements change. The plan was for a pleasant get together with my son and his wife . It turned into a flying visit by him at 3am (long story!!)
  • Music is evocative and holds memories. When I hear The Who, my thoughts went back to the various CSI programmes. As it was used for the closing ceremony of the Games, it will now take me back to this summer I’m sure!

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  • Yes, smells and music stay with you. So right.

  • I missed the whole end of the Olympics — sounds like I should have been paying attention. Great lessons!

  • Here it is hockey that goes on forever – is it right to playing a winter game on ice in June? I don’t think so. My mother thought it went on too long when they were playing into April. And The Who took me back a few years I have to say – I also enjoyed John Lennon’s Imagine. Good on you, you Brits. Job well done!

  • I was talking to my family about this the other day. How the Olympics was finished and now the hooligans would come out – and so would their fans. The country – even the world – was united with the Olympics and how well we had done for our country. We had proved that we are not all bad. Then the footballers prove us wrong. You have Rooney and the Rooney-alike’s who want nothing more than a headline in the paper and don’t care how they get it. The racist comments from players to other players; fans to players; fans to fans; players to fans. It is ridiculous. Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be British

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