Last Week I Learnt That ….#49

  • Stealing is wrong but difficult to control. This week ‘MY’ idea was stolen. It was a real shock to see it on someone else’s space. They had acknowledged me but it still felt odd. It gave me a battle inside. Should I confront them and point out that my Creative Commons license means they should at least ask permission? On the other hand, would that have created a bad feeling that in the medium to long term would be detrimental to what I was trying to achieve? In the end I choose being ‘delighted that I have inspired someone’. It was really hard & still rankles a little. I think that is in part due to the fact that I would not have done it but that doesn’t make it wrong does it?
  • Summer picnics should not have muddy surroundings due to heavy rain!
  • Being an armchair Olympian is exhausting. We have come to the end of the first week of competition and what a Games they are turning out to be! I’m very proud to be British – not for the medals but for the support all the crowds have given all the competitors. Keep it up UK!
  • Caffeine may be the missing ingredient in my medicine cabinet. Those regulars here will know of my battle with my headaches and my various cures from rest to crispy bacon! Well, I’m going to add caffeine to the list. We drink decaffeinated coffee and tea at home and usually order the same when we are out. However, a mistake in ordering, giving me an ‘ordinary’ coffee whilst having a headache produced an almost immediate clearing of the pain. Yay!
  • Meeting up with friends is good but can be worrying. We went out for supper with some good friends who we do not see very often. In fact the last time we were altogether was for my birthday back in January so we had a lot to catch up on. One of the things that dominated the conversation however, was how poorly one of the group was. He had a chest infection for which he had some anti-biotics but it was clear that his work life balance is non-existent. We all hope that he will take the summer to chill and rest.
  • Screaming at the TV can help win medals!
  • Weddings bring folks together. Now this is not your usual tale. The wedding did take place and the photos were beautiful but the ‘folks’ were not there! We were following via a hash tag thread on twitter. It started with the bride having breakfast and ended when the Matron of Honour who was keeping us up to date, finally fell onto her bed exhausted. We all dressed up (well put on hats) then posted pictures and one virtual guest even wore a posh frock. It was a great day that I hope the bride and groom will smile about when they see the compilation of all our tweets and silliness!

I’ve had lots of things to think about this week. What was your last 7 days like?

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  • Love your “participation” in the wedding; I’m sure the couple will get a big kick out of photos, etc.
    And I’m delighted to learn that screaming at the TV will in fact influence winning medals. I always suspected that was true!
    Will begin screaming shortly —

  • I’m sorry to hear someone “stole” your stuff honey *shakes head*

    I have a Creative Commons thingy, but, I’m sure it doesn’t really work….so now, I just accept that ANYTHING I put on my blog could quite easily be stolen. Sad you have to think that way, but there’s a lot of nasty people about 🙁


  • Sorry to hear about your idea theft. I cannot understand why anyone can be so callous and ill-mannered.

  • Love the virtual wedding!

  • lol was that the 007wedding? i would have taken part but was busy but read all the tweets 🙂 loving the olympics! go team GB!! oh dear who and what what the idea?? hope you having a good day and will take part in this weeks 100wcgu xx

  • Lara

    Ooooh – that was me in my posh frock! Honoured to be mentioned 🙂

  • Mrs Travers

    Hi Julia, sorry to hear of your internal battle with a Creative Commons issue. It’s a shame when a simple thing such as manners, asking permission etc seems to slip people’s minds. It is such a simple thing to do and means so much and yet some many people can’t/won’t be bothered. Manners maketh man (or woman)!

    I too have been an armchair olympian this week, hasn’t it been brilliant!? The joy, the tears, the waves of emotion! I have learnt that cycling is an amazingly tactical sport and not just about brawn but you need brains too! I have learnt that being a handball goalie must be one of the most soul destroying positions in any sports team.

    And I agree, shouting at the TV during a race does work! We Brits definately deserve medals for support and willing people on! There are such good vibes everywhere at the moment may it continue long after the Games have finished.

  • Artists feed off one another, this is natural. However, now you have the opportunity to write a scathing remix, directly call your thief out, or remix the idea into something that is BETTER than the original. Competition is so much fun, GO GET “EM TIGER!!! LOL 😉

  • A virtual wedding! So interesting 🙂
    Sad that someone stole your idea. I plan on doing your prompts but I wouldn’t steal the whole darn thing. What nerve!
    You live in the UK? Congratulations to Andy Murray! I’ve been wanting him to win for a while. 😀
    Don’t know what I learned in the past week. I’ll ponder that and perhaps get back to to you later.

  • My last seven days were as boring as the previous seven. Although one thing I did learn, was from something I found on Facebook:
    The only photographer you should compare yourself to, is the one you used to be.

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