Last Week I Learnt That …#46

  • There are buildings people and there are pupil people but never the twain may meet! The school where I am Chair of Governors is due to move premises. Unfortunately, what is important to those folks that deal with buildings is completely different to the things that matter to those who deal with students. Let’s hope we will be able to find some common ground.
  • Repetition is not an excuse. This refers to the John Terry case. For my overseas readers, the footballer was accused of making racial comments to a black opponent. He was acquitted and the reason given was, that although he did say the words, he was repeating what had been said to him. It made me think of situations when children get into trouble at school. Being an onlooker or a repeater would not have excused them from punishment.
  • Hair is very heavy. I am amazed at the difference having the tiniest length cut from my hair can make it feel lighter and much, much shorter!
  • Getting the right school can be painful. It is nearly a new school year and some little buttons will be going for the first time. Naturally their parents want them to go the school they have chosen but it is not as easy as that. Many authorities just don’t have enough places in the right places so it is down to the distance you live to the school. I was at appeals and it is heartbreaking when folks miss out by a matter of a few metres.
  • Having missiles on your roof must be scary. As part of the security arrangements for the Olympics, ground to air missiles have been placed on some high rise buildings. That must be very worrying.
  • Paste in sandwiches is not the same as the real thing. *Just saying*
  • The Olympics haven’t been good news for everyone. I was quite shocked to hear that some businesses around the Olympic Park will lose trade during the games because their roads will be closed to normal traffic. Apparently, promises were made at the start of the planning that this would not happen. It is sad that there are winners and losers away from track and field.
  • It is very easy to get into a ‘going to work’ routine. As I’ve mentioned I have been presenting information at appeals panels. This has meant ‘going to work’ at the same time for a few days running. I soon got into the routine of buying a coffee on the way in. I was such a regular customer that I’ve got a loyalty card!!

Busy week here. What was your like?

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