Last Week I Learnt That…#44

  • There are times when I am so innocent in the ways of the world I could be dangerous. You know I love twitter. I have learnt so much as well as making lots of friends, some of whom I have met. So when I want something I tweet it out. I am putting the Olympic prompt together for 100 Word Challenge and have been trying to get some quotes from Olympians. In a last ditch attempt I dug deep in the recesses of my mind for some past heroes. Found one, tweeted. I got a reply! How wonderful! I sent my thanks only to then realize that it was a porn star ‘pretending’ to be this athlete!
  • Blackbirds are real show offs! We have a pair in our garden and they sing most of the day. It is wonderful to see them proudly protecting their territory against all comers. That is apart from the robin who RULES!
  • Trying to take a short cut does not always work. We need something in our raised beds at the bottom of the garden. I haven’t had time to plan and do it properly so we decided we’d go for some bedding plants. I haven’t got time to plant them so we found some seeds that can be put out now. All done but the rain has been so severe I doubt that they are still there
  • New cars have to be built. We have bought a new car. Imagine my surprise when, after all the form filling and checking we were told that we won’t be able to collect it until October because it has to be built and as it is French and they take the summer off it will take that long to get it. There was me thinking Europe was in crisis and needed as much money as possible!
  • If you don’t like sport, England is probably not the place to be at the moment! Football,  tennis, Olympics….!
  • Another’s view is often a good thing. I am doing some on-line training and have a mentor to help me. My first meeting with her showed how useful another viewpoint is for tweaking out those ‘what ifs’.
  • The count-down to the school holidays is tiring but exciting. Although I’m retired, my work with schools does mean I still work to school term times. I’m really looking forward to the forth coming holidays but it does mean I have lots to do in a short time!

All sorts this week here. How was your?

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