Last Week I Learnt That ….#42

  • The body gives you a complete medical check up. When you’re not well it sends symptoms like colds, sores, bruises. When you are better, you see those things heal. Isn’t it clever?!
  • Routines can be boring. As those of you who are regular visitors know, hubby has to watch his cholesterol. This resulted in us searching food labels so that we know exactly what we are eating. You’ll also know that he suffers with OCD so putting those two together means it is very difficult to persuade him to try something different when it comes to food. We have designed a weekly menu but it can get boring. Well, it is boring to me but not for him. I’ll have to get my thinking cap on!
  • The internet provides great support. I designed a flyer for 100 Word Challenge. I was quite pleased with it as when folded it was one of those triple concertina things. Unfortunately, I used an old piece of software which meant I can print it but no-one else can. This makes sending it to conferences etc very difficult. Thanks to my PLN (personal learning network) someone re-did it for me in a format that I can share. Brilliant!
  • Pansies are wonderful. They were a gift for my 60th birthday and were planted in February. They have been battered, roasted and flooded out but they are still there, bringing a splash of colour that we can see as we come down the road. Thank you Mother Nature!
  • Sitting down to lunch with linen serviettes is really special. As a Head Teacher I very rarely had lunch, preferring to graze on grapes and nuts. Now I’m retired, we do sit down for a bite to eat but it is not a formal lunch. Going on training last week I was treated to ‘proper’ lunch with conversation, service and linen.
  • Football can get boring. Now you’ll know that I am a football fan of sorts. When you’re married to an avid fan it is best to go along or spend hours on your own. Having said that though, the European Cup with it’s two matches per evening has strained my interest somewhat. Thank goodness we are now at the stage where it drops to one match per night and soon will have days between matches. Unfortunately, someone has suggested enlarging the competition which means it will last even longer!!

Are you as football widow? How are your hanging baskets coping with the strange weather?

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  • Advantages of linen napkins (your serviettes):
    -you reuse them, so they’re cheaper than paper
    -you don’t waste paper, so they’re ecologically sound
    -you get to roll them and store them in really cute napkin rings (which you’ve gone out and browsed for and picked the most adorable or most pleasing, silver, or raffia, or wood, or plastic beads, whatever!). You can do his and hers. And your table will look REALLY classy!

  • We almost always have pansies in the windowbox at the front of our house. They’re such good friends. Hmm- the football’s on right now. Thank goodness for laptops.

  • Enjoyed what you have learned! 😉 I especially liked the idea of sitting down to lunch with linen serviettes! I will have to try that, even if it is just my husband and me.

  • When I was sitting quietly with the iPad the other night while the footie was on, husband and son complained that I was always on the computer and could I not watch the game with them? The cheek of it!
    Beautiful pansies, Julia x

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