Last Week I Learnt That…#36

  • Staying up for 21 hours makes you tired. We went ‘up North’ and really should have stayed over.
  • Children exhaust you. I visited a school in Bolton and spent the day popping into classes to talk about 100 Word Challenge. I didn’t have to do anything other than talk to them and let them ask me questions but they didn’t stop talking! I had forgotten what it is like to be in their company and how much energy they each have. I’m still trying to work out how ‘How old are you?’ will help with their creative writing!
  • Buying a cheap version of something often leads to more expense. During my visit to Bolton, I gave out some badges I had made. They were stuck onto labels ( I couldn’t work out the sizes to print directly on them) but had used a cheap glue stick. Result? Labels in pieces.
  • Wet playtimes never change. As a head teacher I was used to the effect of the rain when children should have been out playing but were consigned to the classroom. Teachers are constantly looking skyward to see if there will be any respite so that they can get that much needed coffee.
  • My husband is stubborn. Now this is not something that I learnt just last week but it was definitely confirmed again! As regular readers will know he suffers with OCD (see ‘Rear View Mirror Angst’). This means that he has certain routines that have to be followed. So, with it being Spring (yes, I read it was spring in a newspaper so it must be true!) he has sorted out his clothes. This consists of putting long sleeved tops away and bringing out short sleeved items. Now this is OK in principle when the weather is playing fair and doing what it is supposed to do but when everything it completely muddled it can cause friction. He wore a short sleeved top that was quite thin into the bargain on a day when Noah would not have been out of place with his Ark! Result? Hubby has a chill!
  • Planning for a holiday is exciting. Even at my ripe old age the thought of travelling to a new destination is so special. We are off to New York soon (see ‘New York, New York!’)and I’m so excited I can’t start to plan. Does that make sense? You know when you have a butterfly head with so many things to think about. I need to really concentrate and start thinking about packing and where we want to visit.
  • Resignation is sometimes the only way to get things done. I resigned my position as Chair of a Federation of schools (see ‘Governors – Friend or Foe?‘). Interestingly, it seems to have sparked some action from other members of the Governing body and the Local Authority so maybe it wasn’t in vain!

A busy week with lots of travel in it! How was yours? Did you go anywhere? 

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  • What an eventful week!
    How exciting that soon you will be seeing New York for the first time — stress is Manhattan’s middle name, but somehow it works out to excitement and energy!!!!

  • I haven’t been to New York since I was seventeen. That’s a LONG time ago. I’d love to go again, though. Lucky you. Hope your stressful week will soon be forgotten.

  • Dawn

    2nd week as acting head and its still going ok. Really don’t know if its for me – miss my class and hate planning for someone else to teach them. New MDA’s started so thanks for your advice. Big decison to be made – Do I apply for the headship or not?
    Wow New York have fun!
    Have a good week

  • You’re off to New York? How fabulous. I’d love to go to New York so post lots of photos. I want to hear all about it. x

  • Today has been stressful too, I have just come back from teaching 60 primary children at a time in another school, I need a lie down! And I’m doing the same tomorrow! Our school is federated and I’m a music specialist so it has been ‘drumming is us’ all day today! I find this more tiring than my day to day teaching and being in a different space is disorienting! So what I have learnt today is not to say yes to that again! X

  • KP

    Am I IT Consultant, change manager or counsellor? Last week I turned nomad, travelling to all four corners of the known world (Hampshire) easing end users into their new software.

    And it rained.

    The weekend brought more change. Mother, fiercely independent, anti-doctor, anti-hospital, anti-establishment, deteriorated to the point where we had to ease her through a change of attitude and get her admitted to hospital.

    This is a new week and, for now, the sun is shining.

    • Your week was more stressful than mine I think! I’m sorry to hear about Mum and hope that things calm for you. I hail from Southampton /New Forest so know Hants well. My son & daughter-in-law are both teachers & IT co-ordinators for their schools. You may have visited them!

      • KP

        Thanks for your kind thoughts. Her situation can only improve, whatever she thinks!
        I’m a Forester by birth, currently living near Fareham. If I haven’t visited, there’s a good possibility I’ve spoken to, or emailed the school.

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