Last Week I Learnt That…#34

  • Even a curry with friends cannot make up for a rubbish game of football! My husband supports Gillingham FC which is over the other side of the country to us. He likes to go and watch them play occasionally and although a home game is like an away game for us, a trip to Kent can be a pleasant experience. However, when the Spring weather has taken a day off and been replaced by winter and when the players would clearly prefer to be watching TV there was nothing pleasant about it. We met up with friends after the game for a meal but the mood was so low that not even a madras could hot things up!
  • Youth has a useful energy. My son came to stay for the week-end with his wife and very kindly painted my kitchen for me. For some reason it is a job that hubby keeps moving to the bottom of his ‘To Do List’. I was amazed at how quickly it was completed. No standing back to check its right or measuring this & that! Just do it! Brilliant!
  • The thought of a day on your own is better than the day itself.
  • Becoming a grandmother is going to be fun. I went ‘looking shopping’ with my week-end visitors. Goodness things have changed and there is so much more to look at but I think I’m going to have great fun when Little Button arrives!
  • It takes someone removed from a situation to see it for what it is. I think I knew this but I was reminded of it this week. I had a particular challenge that for the life of me I couldn’t see a solution to. I had coffee with a friend and straight away they came up with a very simple solution. Distance from a problem can really help.
  • New net curtains give you a new room. My rooms look so much brighter now!
  • School holidays can be very frustrating. It is the old adage of once it’s here you don’t want it. I was really looking forward to there being no meetings or mails about school but then found I needed to contact folks but couldn’t. They were being sensible and taking the time off. Typical! 😉

Lots for you to mull over there. What was your week like?

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