Last Week I Learnt That …#31

  • Mother Nature does not recognize British Summer Time! We have a bee that visits us all through the spring and summer. He is an enormous fellow and every morning around 6.30 am we hear him. He has on occasions got inside the room but only stays around the window until we show him the route back outside. When the clocks went forward he was there at 7.30am showing that routines are fixed in the world of nature!
  • A new building can give you energy. This week I had meetings in two new buildings. One was a newly built one and it made me feel really excited and focused on the agenda somehow. The other new building was built in 1901 but is new to me. It is soon to be the premises of the Pupil Referral Unit where I am chair of Governors. It is beautiful with a wonderful vaulted ceiling and a proper school hall with classrooms coming off it. Of course, for the types of youngsters we have (lots of behaviour issues) it is not particularly suitable but we are going to have such fun making it so.
  • It’s good to have young brains on your team. We went to a quiz with some friends and they brought along the daughter who worried about them last week. She and her boyfriend really helped us ‘oldies’ when it came to the music round. It was definitely not our era!
  • Being a blood donor makes you feel good! Are you one?
  • Knowledge can be draining. I had some information at the beginning of a meeting that I was chairing that I could not share until the end of the meeting. The knowledge concerned the future and was very emotive. I hadn’t realized the stress it put on me until a few days later when a headache hit for a couple of days.
  • I get far more done when I’m pressed for time. By that I mean if I have a busy day with lots to do I seem to achieve a great deal. Given a day with nothing in it other than a ‘to do’ list I get very little done. Weird!
  • The phrase ‘just like riding a bike’ can be quite appropriate.  It means that once you have learnt how to do something, you don’t forget and that came home to me when I was part of a discussion about school finances. Although it is nearly 4 years since I retired from headship, I was soon back into the jargon and procedures. Sadly, I was also used to the feeling that we ‘just don’t have enough money’!

So that was mine! How was yours? 

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