Last Week I Learnt That …#29

  • I’m quite a prude. I didn’t realize it until I was sitting in the lounge bar of a pub where a mother was breast feeding. It was 7.30pm and she had another little one about 3 years old I’d say. She and her husband had set themselves up on a large table near the door. The little one had her toys available & mum was sat facing out into the bar feeding. I’ve been trying to work out what it was that I didn’t like and I think it was the time of day and the fact that the little one was not in bed and that mum expected everyone to be comfortable with her openly sharing the baby being feed. The bar was bust with people eating as well as having a drink. I’m sure there will be comments about my stone-age views but it just didn’t seem appropriate for the family or the rest of us.
  • Sunday evenings have a mind of their own. Let me explain. We always go out for supper on a Sunday evening. It goes back to when I was a head teacher and needed something to focus on to get me to the end of the week-end.
  • Siblings have something special. I was in a department type store waiting for hubby to come out of the changing rooms to show off a new shirt. While I was waiting a brother and sister came along. They were probably around 10 and 12 with the elder being the girl. The lad had a T-shirt which he wanted to get so she brought him to the changing rooms. There was no sign of an adult with them but they didn’t need it. He came out to show off the item; they had a discussion; he went back in, got change then very politely told the lady that he did not want it. The two were in deep conversation as they walked away and I saw them both return with another T-shirt later. I had made up their story as you do as an onlooker and decided that there was birthday money to be spent. It was so wonderful to see them taking steps in what is usually considered a grown up world.
  • Ofsted are fair. That may enrage some of my teacher followers but that is how I see it. As you will know I’m a school governor. I’m actually the chair of 3 schools (I’ll explain how that can be in a later post!) and the last of the 3 were inspected this week. It has always been considered as a good school but the inspectors were seeing different evidence. At the feedback, we were given the evidence that the judgment was made on and even the senior leaders, although disappointed could not argue the category that the school has been placed

So, mine had lots of judgements in it – what was your like? 

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  • I love these “venting” posts, Julia. The breast-feeder? Well, I’ve lived in many countries and most women cover up. I bet everyone was staring . . .

  • I’m with you about the three-year-old not being in bed. Regarding the mother breastfeeding, I don’t understand why anyone has to flash. We used to use a nappy or something light and airy to cover-up. That doesn’t hide what you’re doing but you’re not sharing a body part with gawking strangers.

  • Oh I can relate to the children trying on t-shirts by themselves. As you know, my daughter has only just started entering the changing rooms on her own. It’s great to see she has started a new chapter in her life, although she will end up costing me a fortune at this rate!

  • Julia, your insight about siblings is spot on! As a young girl with an older sister, I was always told to be kind and appreciative of her: she is the one family member with whom I will spend the most time of my life. And it is true! It’s charming to see two siblings appreciate the guidance and companionship of each other, and to exhibit such maturity, as you describe.

    …It’s a shame that the mum in the pub did not, apparently, have someone to teach her about discretion in a public place! I don’t take issue with a mum breast feeding in public, but she should cover the little one up, even with just a sling-blankie or something. But then, I’ve never been comfortable with the public seeing my cleavage, let alone the process of me breast feeding! 😀

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