Last Week I Learnt That…#26

  • Mobile phones have replaced child minders. Well, when I say replaced, I mean they are part of a family’s repertoire of keeping the children occupied. We were in a restaurant and both children were given iphones with different apps on to sit and watch. It worked for a few minutes but I did wonder what it was doing for their eye sight and doesn’t it negate going out together?
  • Adding a few candles, turning down the lights and playing some soft music means restaurants and pubs can dress up ‘supper’ as a Valentine Experience’ and charge the earth!
  • ‘Bimbleing’ is a wonderful description of not doing very much!
  • Sitting eating cake in a jacket is tricky. As you will know if you have visited here recently, I had a birthday and one of the presents was to have tea at the Ritz. Now it is posh so men have to wear a jacket and tie. Hubby looked very smart in his new jacket.   but he is not used to sitting and eating in ‘outdoor clothes’. I suppose we would have needed to ask permission to be told  ‘gentleman may take their jackets off’ but it was not a million degrees so that was never going to happen!
  • There are more types of tea than all the tea in China! Linking with the afore mentioned tea party, we were given the menu to select our beverage from. When I say beverage, I mean TEA. There were 17 different types to choose from with many different flavours and perfumes. I choose Lapsong Souchong because it always sounds so grand but is quite expensive. My son (who was paying the bill) had Russian Caravan. As he said, he can get Earl Grey in the supermarket but has never heard of this black tea. In these situations, you’ve just got to do it, haven’t you?!
  •  Olympic tickets are still available. I am really puzzled that quite a few product companies seem to have Olympic tickets to give away for the purchase of particular items. Apparently there are ‘thousands to be won’. How come?!
  • One sound that you do not want to hear the day before you are due to go to London is ‘Ouch!’ Hubby has a dickey back. He has been working hard over the last few years to strengthen it so that it does not ‘go out’ and disable him for days. Thankfully, although it had ‘gone’, it didn’t take too long with the chiropractor’s help to get him comfortable and able to travel.

So, a busy eventful week for me. what was yours like? 

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  • Hub loves lapsang souchong also — Earl Grey for me, please.
    But I love the ceremony of tea — at the Ritz or anywhere — or even at my own house if I can get together some proper cake. I hope you both enjoyed A LOT!

  • I just audited my tea collection. we have 42 varieties. This pleases me greatly!

    And yes, ‘Midlife Singlemum’, I have lapsang souchong!

  • Love “bimbleing”! A friend recently chaperoned a school field trip and was struck by how quiet the children were on the bus. Then she realized – they were all looking at their electronics. So sad.

  • Lapsang Souchong is my joke when anyone asks what tea I’d like. Of course they mean fruit. herbal, green, peppermint or camomile, etc. Umm lapsang souchong please.

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  • I love trying different teas but have found just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they can’t be disappointing. The Lapsong Souchong sounds exotic.

  • would love to hear more about the Ritz – I would pick Lapsong Souchong too. But what I need to know is – the cakes? what are the cakes like?

  • TBM

    I thought the tickets to the Olympics were gone. Can you only get them through these companies?

  • I remember tea at the Ritz many many years ago. May have to try it again.

    I wonder with the Olympic ticket thing, companies who are sponsoring the event must get a fair chunk of tickets. But then I’ve noticed you can get a Superbreak with tickets included too. Maybe they get tickets so they can advertise the games in their brochures?

    My week was very boring. Didn’t go anywhere. Husband and son loved it.

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