Last Week I Leant That….#30

  • You are never too old to be curfew-ed! Our friends came over for supper and when we were back at the house having a final coffee, their daughter phoned to see where they were and when (or if) they would be home. She is 27 and I thought it so funny that she was keeping track on them. Her father was very tempted to call back and say that we had decided to go on to a club but at our age she would not believe that tale!
  • Ofsted and school inspectors are fair. That statement may upset a number of people but I’ve had another of those times with two inspections within a few days. In both, the inspectors went out of their way to get the school to show them their best practice. They explained the inadequate things they had seen up front and were always at pains to see something to change their minds. In the end it is always about what the children are getting. They deserve the very best as it is often their one and only chance to learn.
  • Catching up with family is lovely! I had two experiences of this with lunch with my sister-in-law then a get-together for Mother’s Day with my son. (See my special news!)
  • Commitments aren’t just for Christmas! I’m still in ‘school’ mode here. I became Chair of a Governing body three years ago. Since then I have gained another Chairmanship which looks at two schools. However, my ‘first’ school still has to have my time and attention in same measure. That may present a problem for me in time allocation but that is my problem. Can anyone tell me where to get the energy for 24/7?!
  • You have to admire the resilience and tenacity of dust! It never stops in it’s quest to spread itself across the planet. It takes no measure of how busy people are or how tired they may be. It sees its purpose to keep reminding human beings that cleaning has to be done!
  • The name given to a dish can confuse! I saw ‘Seafood Salad’ so thought – green leaves, prawns, cockles and maybe some sauce. I got lots of tiny octopuses!! As for the leaves –well they were more yellow than green! The smoked haddock rissoto was delicious though.

So I had tantalising food (!), excellent company and more inspections. What did your week contain?

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  • Julia,
    I wish there were a contraption that would automatically suck up the dust as soon as it appears! I usually take Dapper Gs t-shirts out of the laundry bin and dust the baseboards–yuck, yuck–my secret! Congratulations on the good news, Mom-Mom, Grandmom, Nana, Mee Maw?

  • Ooo i don’t think I could do the octopuses!

  • I find throwing glitter at the cobwebs and dust bunnies creates a somewhat sparkly and enticingly aesthetic environment all year round. Glitter is not just for Christmas 🙂

  • You’ve had quite a week. I confess I’ve given up trying to keep AHEAD of dust. I wait till it settles then I’m ON it.

    Came home at 1:30 AM a week ago. Was hoping to make enough noise that My daughter would waken and give me hell. No such luck.

  • How ironic that your friends’ daughter was checking up on them. Like you say, it is not as if you were to go clubbing. Wonder how the daughter reacts when the parents check up on her….

  • Dust…DUST…IT HAUNTS ME! I can hoover and dust my house about once an hour (not that I do) and I still can’t seem to get rid of all the dust. A woman’s work is never done, and all that.

    On a different note, I also had an amazing seafood risotto this weekend just gone – followed by an unpleasant first experience with whelks. Not a fan of the rubbery little beggars!

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